Wednesday, November 26, 2008


My SSCS Gift is here! My little Elf's name is Helen from the Netherlands. I am a very weak person. So I have not opened my package yet. I am afraid that if I open the box I just might not be able to stop there! In the above picture (upper left hand side) you will seen a little area that was damaged in the mail. Inside there I see some lovely green tissue paper with white ribbon. Right now the hole is only big enough to get a finger in. I hope that by Christmas my whole hand doesn't find its way in there. I have my hands taped behind my back and I am in a cold sweat. As I told Mother Elf Chookyblue, I now know how an alcoholic feels when they need a drink. It is not pretty!! I will keep you posted. Thank you Elf Helen.
I will chat soon,
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