Monday, October 29, 2007

Sorry no pictures!

I am back from a wonderful weekend. The craft fair on Friday was nice. It was a typical VT fair. There was a lot of pottery, jewelry,dips,clothing,weaving and fleece. There were a few booths that were very nice. I did buy two new dips. The first I will take to Thanksgiving at my brothers house is Pumpkin Patch. The second is Vermont Maple Cranberry. I will keep this one at my house for Christmas. I will serve them both with the honey graham cinnamon sticks. I tried them at the fair with pretzels and they were both delicious. I also bought a small fall and a small Christmas plaque and some Christmas ornaments. I am very sorry to report that I was not allowed to take pictures at the fair. Rules you know! After four hours there, we went to Strawberry and Rhubarb (a small quilt shop) where I purchased some fat quarters, a pattern book and a carrier with wheels for my new Bernina. I also bought material for another sewing basket for a gift.(I forgot my camera in the car so again no pictures of the shop.) I really have to get use to blog land. I am going to start carrying my camera around my neck. I have a much smaller one that I want on my Christmas list that I could keep right in my purse. ( Santa are you listening?) The first picture above is my "Bernie" carrier. The second is the rest of my purchase at the quilt shop. Lastly the things that I got at the craft fair. I hope that everyone has a great week. Will chat more later.



Solstitches said...

The plques you bought are so nice and oooh, I love the bag pattern and the yummy fabrics.
Nice bag for your machine too.
Glad to hear you had such a nice weekend.


atet said...

What lovely fabrics you found! Love the craft fair finds as well -- and the Bernina carrier -- I'm a bit jealous of the Bernina that goes in it!!! Can't wait to see the second sewing basket!

Kim said...

Is this sewing machine trolle strong enough for an airplane cargo hold?