Tuesday, October 16, 2007

MY very first time!

I have been reading blogs for several months now and I am addicted! I have decided to start my own. None of my friends blog so I am not sure who will read it but I am off anyway. I can't wait to make friends from all over . If you visit Joni over at http://jonipossin.blogspot.com/ you will see that I am a WINNER !!!(I won her 100th blog give away). I am working on several projects now for friends for Christmas so there won't be alot of pictures for a while. I have quilting , cross stitch and crafty projects on the go. I will take pictures and show them later. Today I got my copy of Quilters Home magazine (http://www.quiltershomemag.com/) I love it!! Can't wait to read it. Well I am off to work on something. Get ready blogland here I come. (I hope)!!


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Cindy Roberts said...

Welcome to blogland! Congrats on your first post. I thought I would stop by and leave you a comment so you are not "lonely!" I remember when I first started my blog, I would check the comments regularly and be sad when I had none. :( I saw your comment on Bunny Hill's blog about my cute pink stuff. Thanks! Stop by and say "hello" anytime! Love those comments!!!!