Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Basket pictures

Here are a few pictures of the basket I made in the class on Saturday. The class was bases on a pattern from Fons and Porter's Love of Quilting Magazine March/April 2007. Coiled Fabric Bowls is the name of the pattern. The instructor that I had made one like mine and called it a casserole carrier. I do embroidery and hand applique so I am using mine as a sewing basket. It was a nice class. The instructor was great and it was a nice change from regular sewing . You wrap 1" pieces of fabric around welt cord or cotton clothesline,coil it and zig zag stitch it together.It went quickly and I had a finished product in two days. I love it!


Solstitches said...

Wow Pat! When you had said you were taking a basket making class it was hard to imagine what you might be doing but this turned out just great.
I love the way you finished it into something so very useful. As someone who does hand embroidery also I love bags and sewing wallets of all kinds to keep projects in.
Great job!


Linda said...

What a gorgeous basket Pat, and what a great gift idea.

Annie said...

That basket is just amazing. It intrigues me! What a great class.