Sunday, October 31, 2010


Happy Halloween Boys and Ghouls. I hope that you have a safe and fun day. It is cold and wet here in upstate NY. Not the best night for trick or treating. Don't do to much of this....

I am off to get my cider and doughnuts. I will get extra if you would like to stop by.

Hugs and Witches,


Friday, August 13, 2010


How can that be and it's almost half gone. I have such mixed feelings about this month. It has been very HOT and we have had some really bad thunderstorms, high winds, and rain. The days are getting shorter. I know that our summer is sliding away. Soon the Fall season will be upon us. I love the cooler days but I know what is right around the corner after pumpkins, cider, doughnuts, hay rides, and beautiful Fall colors. Oh well I will have more time to sew and stitch.

I have been keeping out of trouble adding to my stash. Below is the pattern Hedgerow Birds by BBD. Loose Feathers pattern #40. The last in the Loose Feathers pattern line. It is a project bag stitched on 20 ct Straw fabric over two threads by Weeks Dye Works. The fabric looks very old almost like burlap but it is very soft to touch.

The pattern calls to work with three strands of floss. I started stitching the border using two strands to see how it looked. I liked it so I am going to stitch my bag using two strands of over dyed floss. The fabrics on the right side of the picture are in contention for the lining. Does anyone know who the fabric in the middle is by? I love this one and thought that this piece was by BBD. I have been unable to find it anywhere. I know it is an older line. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would like to line it with BBD fabric.

Some Christmas stitching here. Just a sneak peek as a little teaser.

I started Willow House by BBD last summer. It is now finished and even framed. The framed picture will be posted soon.

Simple Joys by LHN is below. I have been stitching on it for about a week. It is a smaller project than the others that I have been working on. It has worked up fast and I love the color combination in this project.

This little Quilt is from the book Remembering Adelia by Kathleen Tracy. I am going to use buttons for the center of the flowers after it is quilted. I love the Orange Peel quilt in this book too. Kathleen has a blog. For some heavy inspiration and some drooling check it out.

Finch Song by Shepherd's Bush is below. I started working on this project in the Spring. I love the soft muted colors of the silk floss included in this kit. Someday I am going to visit Shepherd's Bush. It is very near the top of my" Bucket List".

Below is my Garden Angel. I think that it is by La D Da. I don't have my pattern right near me. Two of my friends have this stitched. I have tried to beg, borrow, and steal theirs to no avail. Sooooo I am stitching my own. I have liked this piece for some time. I have already stitched 2010 on it so I have to finish it this year.

I also joined a BOM My Garden by Lynette Anderson. The shop that I signed up at did not offer a fabric for this BOM. I am still undecided which fabric I will use.

I have a bit of work cut out for me as you can see. Now if I could stay home and work on them I should have some finished projects soon. It is very difficult for me to refuse a road trip, a chat on the phone, or a glass of wine though. I have a quiet weekend planned. I hope you find time to do Your Thing this weekend. Be safe.
Hugs and Stitches,

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Happy 4th Of July!

Have a fun, safe, happy and healthy weekend.

Hugs and stitches,

Thursday, July 1, 2010


OMGosh where does the time go? On my last post I wished everyone a Happy Easter. I must have gotten lost on my egg hunt. Well not really. Now it is July. I have been busy like everyone else. Let me share with you a bit of what was going on in my little corner of the world.

First, I had a birthday. I was not to excited about being another year older but I received a beautiful cross stitched picture that I have wanted for a very long time. I believe that it is a La De Da pattern. I love it. Thanks Karrie.

I have had several pedi's and have enjoyed every one of them.

I have taken care of my roses.

I have planted my flowers.
Christmas is not sneaking up on me this year. I have been working away on my gifts. I can't show you the front side yet as I have some very nosey friends!! I am kidding guys. I am still not showing the front!

I have been working away on my BOM's. I have even started two more. I will show you those later. This one is from the in CA. I love this one. Pieces are all done in wool and it will fit, when finished in a 18x24" ready made frame.

This one I joined at last year when I was in WI for Boxwood and Berries.

I am way behind as usual. This is the second block. I have the third one started, but I am still waaaaay behind.

Some stitching with friends.

Eating and catching up with them too.

I went to a quilt show. What fun. Beautiful quilts and great vendors. More to follow soon.

This is some progress on a BBD cross stitch I started last year. Since I took this picture I have made even more progress. As you can see I have been busy. This has been the first week that schools here have been out so I also have my two grandchildren home all day. Heaven help me, it is going to be a long summer! I have been working on this picture sitting on the deck watching my grandchildren in the pool.

Our weather has been on the wet, windy, cloudy and chilly side here. This weekend, all four days, is going to be in the 90's. No happy medium here. I will be back soon with some shopping pictures. Till then...
Hugs and Stitches,

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Happy Easter !

Happy Easter everyone. I hope you have a safe and wonderful day spent with family. May the Easter Bunny fill all your baskets with smiles, chocolates, and jelly beans. It is going to be a beautiful day here in upstate NY tomorrow, sunny and warm. I am going to find time to do a bit of stitching . I hope you do too.

Hugs and stitches,


Monday, March 8, 2010

My First Dye Job

I am so ready for Spring. I stitched up this cute little cross stitch in no time. When it was finished I thought that the colors were a bit bright for my taste sooooo I got out my walnut crystals and went to work. Note to don't need very many crystals to achieve an aged look. Another note to self.... DO NOT leave unattended in the oven! It dried in a 200 degree oven very quickly. Unfortunately I did not take a picture before I started. I am very happy with the way it turned out. The pattern is a free e-pattern from Primitive Stitchin' by Shelly Auen. It is all framed and ready to be set out very soon I hope. I left some of the stitches out and left threads hanging as Shelly suggested to also make it look aged.

I have finished the first block of Settler's Pride by Maggie Bonanomi. This block worked up quickly too. I am very proud. I am only three blocks behind.

I am trying to find my next project. Which will it be? A project from this book by The Cricket Collection or

this new pattern from Country Stitches. Decisions decisions.

I will be back soon to show you some progress. Until then...

Hugs and Stitches


Monday, February 22, 2010

A Typical Tuesday!

This is what my typical Tuesday is like. It is my favorite day of the week. After a shower and dressing (very casually.... sometimes ....most times pajamas) it starts like this. Usually it is coffee and a muffin but last week it was hot chocolate from McDonald's. It is the best made with whole milk. Yummy! I haven't had that in quite some time. On to the rest of the day. If you follow my blog, the quilt below will look familiar. I received it from Stina last year for Easter. It is beautiful and I love it. So do my friends. I had the pattern before I received the quilt. I didn't have to make it thanks to Stina. Thanks again my friend!! Anyway my friends stitched the blocks and ordered the fabric that Stina used in my quilt. Last Tuesday we worked on their quilts on our stitching day.

We started after our hot chocolate and muffin.

The girls sewed away.

Progress was made before lunch.

Then we had lunch. Every week lunch is different. Last week it was snacks and they were great.

After lunch it was back at it again.

They sewed while I cut and ironed and.....

....we got really really thirsty.

That drink really pulled us through gave us strength to finish up two quilts.

Here's the first one and

the second. Both of these quilts are off being quilted.

We even had time to finish two other unfinished projects.

This is a FFF ( First Friday Freebie ) given to us by Kaaren.

I'd like you to meet Stanley. He is a pattern by Primitive Stitches. He is my new favorite snowman.

I am off to bed now because tomorrow is Tuesday and I am going to do it all over again. I wish that you could all come with me. We would have so much fun!
Hugs and Stitches,

Saturday, February 13, 2010

What I've Been Up To

This crazy weather here in the East has me in a funk. Most people that live in upstate New York enjoy winter. I don't enjoy the cold but I do enjoy the snow. No snow this year though. We had some snow before Christmas and a few flurries since. It's gone and has been for a few weeks. All of the winter storms have gone just to the south of us and off the East coast. Now I don't want to be buried in it but I would like some snow to cover all of our dead grass. I am blaming my funk on the weather so come on snow or come on Spring! I have made some wool table runners. They are from a Whimsical 's book. I stitched some pincushions. It is a pattern from Shepherd's Bush. The kit came with a beautiful blue ric rac. I was unable to find any that even came close to what was in the kit.

I have enjoyed making journal covers. They fit over a composition notebook. It is a Stacy Nash pattern.
I love this pillow. It is from a Whimsical book also. It is wool applique on cotton fabric. I have two more started. One is even for me!! The other one I am not sure what I will do with it.

This pillow was fun to make also. It is wool applique on cotton again. I made this pillow for a friend who is very persnickety. (love her though) It took longer to pick the fabrics than it did to make the pillow. I was with her when she picked the fabrics. If I remember correctly there is fabric from at least four shops and a quilt show in that pillow! I am very happy with the way it turned out. So is my friend. She doesn't have a blog, but I know she will read this. Hmmm!

Below are pictures of gifts that I have received. This one came from Hawaii. I love birds and bird houses.

I love this one. I begged, pleaded, embarrassed, cried, kicked, screamed and threatened a friend to make this one for me. Finally wore her down. This is an old pattern that I have had for several years. I just never stitched it. I am not a fan of back stitching and there is a ton of it in this picture. Debbie did a great job. If you click on the picture you can see the detail.

I have it hanging over a knob rack in my kitchen. I think that they compliment each other.

A friend has this hanging in her kitchen and I have commented on it several times. Sooo now I have one too!

This now hangs in my entry way. It was from Karrie (no blog). It will look much nicer after this room is painted. I think I have out grown my pink stage.

This last picture will greet you as you enter my front door. It was stitched by another no blog friend. The frame is from Michaels and I love it!!

I changed the embellishments to charms that I had on hand and couldn't remember what I had purchased them for. Again a bird and a birdhouse. Sheep are among my favorite things too! I have a couple of other small projects that I will show you soon. I hope that everyone has a great Valentines Day tomorrow. Find lots of time to smell the roses, eat lots of chocolate and stitch the day away.
Hugs and Stitches,