Sunday, June 5, 2011


My Sewing Tray by BBD is finished and I love it.

A close up of the handle. It is a door pull from Lowes.

I glued a piece of scrapbook paper to the back.

I liked the back so well that I wanted to show it off twice. Kidding!! Blogger is not playing nice. It will not allow me to delete the second picture.

The Sewing Tray is from the BBD book below. There are so many projects I want to stitch.

I ordered my book from Needle Delights in Florida. Kathy, the owner, had a room near the BBD girls at market. Barb and Alma signed all of Kathy's pre-ordered books. What a nice surprise
to find when the book arrived.

I have the box for this project and all the supplies to make it.

This is the inside of the box.

Here is another project I want to stitch.

The inside of this one. I have all of these supplies too!

Now I have to decide which one to stitch first. Hmmmm! I hope you are having a great weekend and finding time to stitch.

Hugs and Stitches,



Lorraine said...

I love the tray!! .....and all of the projects look fantastic....nice to have a finish and a wish list!

Carrie P. said...

Great job on the tray. It is beautiful. I really like the handles.

Stina said...

Oh my goodness Pat... you take my breath away with your lovely projects.. both done and to be... all so beautiful!!! Wish you all the luck with new and fun projects. will follow your progress with interest..:o))
Love your shopping.. you will have lots of fun with your finds!!

Solstitches said...

Wow Pat, your tray turned out beautiful! I love the idea of the paper on the back so am glad you showed it twice. That way it might stick in my memory for when I get round to doing mine.