Wednesday, May 25, 2011

An Almost Finish

I just completed stitching Heart In Bloom Stitching Tray. It is from the latest book by BBD "A Stitcher's Journey". I have loved this project since I saw it on Alma's blog last year. My friend Debbie's husband made a 6"x6" frame and had glass cut to fit it for me. Thanks again LD. I purchased my door pulls at Lowes. I used a 30 ct fabric to stitch it on. I'm not sure of the name of the fabric I used. The pattern calls for 30 ct Espresso and Crescent Colors. I used the DMC conversion colors since I didn't have one of the colors that it called for and the piece is so small. I think that I'm getting thrifty!!

My frame is painted and the handles are in place. Hopefully I will get it finished tomorrow. I hope that mine will look like the picture below.

I would finish it tonight but tonight is the final of American Idol. I am in Scotty's corner. Lauren is great too. Such talent for two seventeen year olds. They will both go far in their careers. Good luck to both of them. I will be back soon with my finish.

Hugs and Stitches,



Hanne said...

What a lovely embroidery :-) Where can one get a copy of that book ? I really love the look and size of the work.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful finish, I am very jealous!!!
I will catch up to you someday!!