Saturday, January 31, 2009

Who Done It?? And Thank You!

Who took January? I can't believe that tomorrow is February first! We are whizzing right along here. Weather wise thats OK with me! I am ready for spring....I bet we will get 6 more weeks of winter. We shall find out on Tuesday. Oh well!

I had two lovely surprises in the mail recently. The first one was from Amy. Amy had a question about a pattern on my blog and I helped her out. She also was a" no reply". I told her where she could go to change it. In turn, she sent me this cute snowman stitchery pattern. The fabric for the background was also included. Isn't he cute?

It is a pattern by Sweet Gatherings. I love him! Amy is new to blogging. She has a lovely blog. I hope that you will stop by and say hi and welcome her to blogland. Thanks again Amy.

My second bit of mail was from Loz. She reads my blog and knew that I love snowmen too. Loz was on holiday recently and saw a pattern that reminded her of me. She scared me! She just told me that the pattern reminded her of me. I thought OMGoodness. Loz has quite a sense of humor. So I waited for it to arrive. I wasn't really sure what to expect. Well, it was a very nice surprise.

It was a Gail Pan pattern of four little snowmen. They are finished in three different ways. Soooo cute I love them. Loz has been around for a while but I hope that you will stop by and say hello to her too. She is a lovely lady. I enjoy reading her blog too. Thanks again Lorraine. I love both of the patterns.

Can anyone tell me why sometimes my pictures can be enlarged and sometimes not. Is it blogger? It can't possibly be ME!

I will chat soon,



Lorraine said...

when you work out who stole January can you tell them they can have February too! LOL....I have so much on this month at work I will be happy to see March ..... but I shouldn't wish my life away! I am glad you like the pattern.....I thought it was cute..I am a big fan of Gail's....I haven't been doing much stitching...too hot....but decided I was not going back to work from the weekend without doing something creative so have spent a bit of time prepping a couple of wool applique blocks....I have taken over the dining room as my sewing room is akin to an oven at the fact I think an oven would be cooler...LOL....a cool change is predicted for next has excellent air conditioning though so it isn't all bad! If that stoprs working - so do I!! Have a good week!

Lurline said...

I have just been over to visit Amy - love her taste in men - Patrick Swayze - they don't come any better - God bless him!
Hugs - Lurline♥

Terry said...

Love the snowman stitcheries you got! As for the photos not enlarging, I had the same problem. Then I did a search on blogger help and found out that if you move your pictures around in your post, they won't enlarge! You can move your text but just leave the pictures where they are. If you need to move them, do it in the html part of the post. Hope that helps! :0)

Amy said...

Your welcome sweet lady! I hope to see him stitched soon,LOL!
January did sneak right by,but I will try and keep better track of Feb,yeah right!
Keep on stitchin, Amyc

Stina said...

Im all in for having March too... so I can skip February and glad January was "stolen"
But I love your snowman stitcheries...they are all wonderful... wonderful gifts!! :o)
Bet you have them stitched up in notime...:o)

Darlene said...

I've been asking who stole January, also. Whew, that month blew by way too quick!