Monday, March 11, 2013

Gifts For Margaret

My friend Margaret had a birthday quite some time ago.  I was very late in  sending her gifts off to her.  I don't think that I have ever had her birthday gift to her on time.  There was one time that I might have but the package decided to take a side trip and it was unaccounted for for a couple of months.  She has her gifts now.  I never took a picture of the gifts before I mailed them off.  Margaret took pictures and sent them to me today.  Now I can show you what I made.  First is a pincushion from JABC.  It came as a kit.  The directions were great and it was very easy to hand stitch together.  I enjoyed making the acorn and was very pleased with it finished.  Thank you so much Margaret for the pictures.

Next I stitched  Aunt Lucy's Button Box by Crab-apple Hill.  I used the called for Cosmo  over dyed floss.  I like the Cosmo floss very much but I find that  the sections of colors are quite long between color changes.  The floss is wonderful to work with though.

Here  is a close up of the fabric, floss and buttons.

This small cross stitch is by Olde Colonial Designs.  It was a fee pattern if you bought a small wooden oval frame.  I like the lace flower and the lady bug button.  I also liked this small black frame from Michael's.

I made gifts for another March birthday.  Again I did not take pictures.  Tomorrow is my stitching day with friends so I will take photos tomorrow and post them soon.  Margaret has one more photo to send.  Daylight got away from her today.  When she is able she will send it along and I will post it at another time.

Day one of  DST and I am exhausted already.  It is hard to believe that one hour can make so much difference to our body's schedule.  I enjoy the extra sunshine but we didn't have it today.  It is very overcast here and rain is on the way.

I have some stitching progress to show and some I can't because I am working on Christmas.  I hope that you enjoy your day tomorrow as much as I will.  I will be stitching away with friends. favorite day of the week!

Margaret, I hope that you had a wonderful birthday.  Enjoy your gifts.  Again, I am sorry that it was so late.  As soon as my order arrives I will get your HAG off to you!!!

Hugs and Stitches,



Colleen said...

Hi Pat! So nice to catch up on your blog! You have made some beautiful stitcheries :o) Love the wool acorn... so cute!

Hope all is well with you. Take Care!

Solstitches said...

Hi Pat,
You really spoiled me with all the gorgeous things you made for me.
I will treasure them always.
Thanks also for the yummy chocolates which we really enjoyed :)

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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JenniDMills said...

The stitching on the peacock looks nice. Was that a varigated thread?