Sunday, January 20, 2013

A Fun Day!

Yesterday was a fun, fun day spent with friends.   Four of us always travel to NH at the end of April to the Celebration of Needlework Show, as a girls get away.  For the past few years there has been a big scrapbook show in the area at the same time. (not this year...sad face) Two of my friends are big into scrap booking along with cross stitching..  Of course they wanted to attend that show too.   My other friend and myself went along  to see what that show was about.   I was overwhelmed.  I loved everything I saw and spent way to much money on stuff I haven't used.  We all bought a printer's box and until yesterday it was left untouched and forgotten in our piles of things we wanted to do.  Four out of five of our hubbies are away.  So we planned to get our boxes finished on Saturday.  Each of us made a munchie and off to Karrie's house we went.
We started the day of with a toast to good friends, good times and great memories. 

Karrie's mom is an avid crocheter, she doesn't stitch or scrap, but she joined us for a while.  That hook never stopped!

Here we are all hard at work but mostly having FUN!!

Two of the girls completed their boxes and glued everything down.  Two of us were not sure of a couple of  spaces so we are waitting to glue ours down.  Here are the finished and almost finished pieces.

We had some great munchies. I forgot to take pictures.  Believe me they were delish.    I think that our printer boxes turned out great.   We were all  quite happy when we headed home.  Thanks Karrie for having us in your beautiful scrapbooking room for the day,  We all had a great time.  Wish you all could have joined us.   Tonight it is back to cross stitching for me.  Sunday night is my favorite night for TV.  I am off to settle in with a new cross stitch project .  I will show you soon. 

Hugs and Stitches,


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Solstitches said...

Lovely to see a new blog post from you Pat :)
What a great day you girls had making your printers trays.
I've never seen one of those but it looks fabulous.
I hope you won't cross over to the scrapbooking side permanently though as you have WAY too much stitching to do LOL.