Monday, February 22, 2010

A Typical Tuesday!

This is what my typical Tuesday is like. It is my favorite day of the week. After a shower and dressing (very casually.... sometimes ....most times pajamas) it starts like this. Usually it is coffee and a muffin but last week it was hot chocolate from McDonald's. It is the best made with whole milk. Yummy! I haven't had that in quite some time. On to the rest of the day. If you follow my blog, the quilt below will look familiar. I received it from Stina last year for Easter. It is beautiful and I love it. So do my friends. I had the pattern before I received the quilt. I didn't have to make it thanks to Stina. Thanks again my friend!! Anyway my friends stitched the blocks and ordered the fabric that Stina used in my quilt. Last Tuesday we worked on their quilts on our stitching day.

We started after our hot chocolate and muffin.

The girls sewed away.

Progress was made before lunch.

Then we had lunch. Every week lunch is different. Last week it was snacks and they were great.

After lunch it was back at it again.

They sewed while I cut and ironed and.....

....we got really really thirsty.

That drink really pulled us through gave us strength to finish up two quilts.

Here's the first one and

the second. Both of these quilts are off being quilted.

We even had time to finish two other unfinished projects.

This is a FFF ( First Friday Freebie ) given to us by Kaaren.

I'd like you to meet Stanley. He is a pattern by Primitive Stitches. He is my new favorite snowman.

I am off to bed now because tomorrow is Tuesday and I am going to do it all over again. I wish that you could all come with me. We would have so much fun!
Hugs and Stitches,


Red Geranium Cottage said...

GREAT projects!! I have that bunny pattern. I need to dig that out. I love doing some stitchery. Love your beverage of choice by the way. It looks like a fun day had by all.

Karen said...

Lots of quality sewing time for sure. The snowman is just so cute! And the bunny quilt looks like spring.

Judy S. said...

Fun project! Our Tuesdays include a trip to McDonald's also enroute to the hospital where we volunteer in the afternoon. (I teach knitting to the antepartum moms, and DH helps with admin. stuff.) It's fun to be busy doing what you like, isn't it?

Jennifer @ Stitchin' Thyme said...

What a great time you guys had, I have to get that bunny pattern!!

Kaaren said...

What a super productive day with friends!

I loved this post, Pat. You know what that means, huh? We'll be expecting a weekly report now of your stitching Tuesdays. I can't wait til the next one.

That bunny quilt is absolutely darling. I think I'm going to have to add it to my list.

Have a great day today!

Carol said...

What fun!!!!!!!!!!!! Love the bunny quilt!

Anonymous said...

OMG...wish I could join you!! How fun to have your own little sewing bee and I do like your Tuesdays!!

Thimbleanna said...

Wow! You get to do that every Tuesday??? I'm so jealous! I need to retire! Those little Easter quilts are adorable!

Dandelion Quilts said...

What fun you girls had and so nice of you to help them with the cutting and ironing. I just love those bunny quilts. And your stitcheries are lovely, too.

Stina said...

Wow... the quilt has got some siblings..:o)
LOVE them all... oh this was so fun to see.. :o) And do you know what.. they have another sibling in Sweden too.. I am just about to finish mine... Just have some of the stitcheries left.. will try and finish them during the olympics.. that means if I dont use the Olympic Studio at
Give the girls a hug!!! Loved to see what you all are working on.. I say the same as Kaaren.. keep on posting about your Tuesdays!!! :o)

Martina said...

Ohhhh I'd love tuesdays too! Friends, a project to sew, fabrics, hot chocolate, muffins... It's perfect!
I love those bunnies! sooo cute!

deb said...

what a fun day you had, and those drinks looked yummy!!!!!! I love that quilt!!!!

Solstitches said...

Awwwwwww, I'm so jealous. I want to come over on Tuesdays to join the fun.
It looks as though you have the best time AND get lots of sewing/stitching done.
Loved the pictures. I almost felt like I was there.

Maggey and Jim said...

Everything was so nice, I love bunnies and those patterns are lovely.. The background for the snowman is perfect and I love that pattern too.