Sunday, January 3, 2010

Merry Christmas From Sweden

I received this lovely package from my friend Stina in Sweden just before Christmas. I have waited to post about it because Stina has been away spending the Holidays with her family. I wanted her to see how much I appreciated my wonderful gifts. First is a Swedish Goat or Ram. I was not familiar with this little guy so I had to Google him. As soon as I did I placed him under my Christmas Tree. He will be found there every year when my tree goes up.
If you look close you will see him on the wrapping paper.

Stina is such a sweetheart. She stitched this Snow Angel for me. I love the wings. She is beautiful. Thank you so much Stina. Stina wrote to tell me that in her haste to get the package mailed, before Christmas, she forgot to add the twig arms to the angel. I love her just as she is. I am not sure, but the Angel looks like a Country Stitches pattern to me. So cute.

What a clever girl that Stina is! She made this twisted wire angle with a wool heart. Isn't she cute? She looked lovely on my tree. She also made the wool strawberry scissor fob. Those little strawberries must have taken awhile to make. They are small and the french knots.... they look good enough to eat. Stina sent me this little note........ "The little scissor fob... is made with a childhood memory in mind... picking small strawberries...that we call "smultron" and dont taste like strawberries... we picked them ...putting them on a string of straw... and carried them later sitting on the porch eating them sunwarm...yummy!!!" I will think of this story each time I use the fob and when I see the first little strawberries in summer.

Speaking of eating. She included a box of orange flavored chocolate. They are delish and I shared too!!

Thank you so much Stina. I love my Christmas from Sweden.


Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Happy New Year Pat, your gifts from Stina are just so lovely.

Kaaren said...

Gorgeous gifts from Stina.

I think when she said she wasn't busy in her sewing room she was trying to fool us all...weren't you, Stina? (wink)

Enjoy them, Pat.

Kathie said...

lucky you that let it snow angel is just so adorable!
don't you just love homemade gifts like this
happy new year!

Stina said...

Wink Wink.. ;o)
It was hectic days trying to finish.. and see how it goes... I forgot the twig
And yes it is a Country Stitches pattern...:o)
You are most welcome ... you are worth every one of the gifts.. :o)

Quilt Hollow said...

Wonderful gifts from Stina. Here we all thought she was busy with work and all else...she was busy surprising many of us!

Dandelion Quilts said...

How neat! And so very cool that it is from Sweden...isn't mail fun?

May Britt said...

Stina is such a generous friend who always gives wonderful presents. I too got that cute little "strawberries" from her in my adventcaledar.

Julia said...

What lovely pressies Pat - especially the snow angel - she is so cute!!;0)

Thimbleanna said...

Wow Pat! How lucky are you? Thats a great swap package!!!

Christine said...

Beautiful gifts ... I LOVE that snowman.