Monday, November 12, 2007

365 Day Challenge Quilt

I started journaling on my 365 Day Challenge Quilt on August 4, 2007. It was just a regular old day, nothing special happened. I was waiting and waiting to start, but I am not sure for what. So I just started on that day. This is a Challenge Quilt that I am sure most of you know about. For the one or two of you that don't know, I will tell you. Leanne Beasley from Leanne's House (Love Her!) started this idea this year. She has a tutorial on her blog to help you with making the quilt . You journal everyday for one year and then you make a quilt from your daily journals. I have journaled every day, and I have my background fabrics all pulled. I have my freezer paper and my marking pens also. That is as far as I have gotten on it, so I guess that I have most of the hard work done. I believe that I will continue to journal and hold off on the cutting of the fabrics until after Christmas, which is really coming quickly. I thought that I had a good hold on Christmas this year, but I am not sure what happened. (Did we miss a month or two?) I have fabrics picked for fall, for the start of winter, the holidays, birthdays, and I have some small embroidery patterns picked out to use on some of the blocks. I can't wait to start them. But I must get going on my Christmas, so I will be done in time for Santa! If anyone is making this quilt, I would love to hear about it. Are you doing anything special on it? Any suggestions or ideas would be appreciated. I would love to do one of these quilts for each of my Grandchildren. They are six and ten years old. Some of the things that they do, say and come home from school with are so funny I must capture them.

I think this project is on its way to the closet.

I hope everyone is having a great day. Will chat later.


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mellyandrosie said...

Hi Pat. I am not doing the challenge but I think you need to not make it too serious. Just do it spontaniously without planning or thought. That way it will be a true reflection of your thoughts, moods and feelings. Just write whatever comes to head each day. Dont know if that helps at all but that is what I would do. Thanks so much for your welcome home comment on our blog - It was a great time but it is also soooo nice to be back home again =)