Saturday, June 27, 2009

Off To The Vermont Quilt Show

Last Friday Debbie, Karrie (no blog) and I went to the Vermont Quilt Show. Last time I posted about going to Vermont via ferry some of you wanted to see pictures of the ferry. In this picture we are boarding the ferry. Here we are being directed as to where to park. On this ferry there are four lanes to park in. Trucks and larger vehicles are parked in the center of the ferry. (so we don't tip over)!

There are three ferries that run most of the year. This is another ferry that we pass .

This ferry is leaving the Vermont side of Lake Champlain as we are pulling into dock from NY.

We had a great time at the show. There were so many beautiful quilts this year. We started off with this exhibit.

These quilts were beautiful. You felt like you were looking out a window at a real scene. I wanted to make a snowball while looking at this one!!

Here are a few of my favorites.

Loved this one!

And this one!

I don't think I saw one that I didn't like.

This quilt was covered in beads too. Not my taste, but beautiful!

I love wonky houses and trees. They were both in the same quilt. Love this one.

This one was lovely too.

There were vendors everywhere. I will be back to show you some of my goodies. Hope everyone is having a great weekend. This is high school graduation weekend here in my town. I hope that everyone has a safe and healthy time. I will chat soon.

Friday, June 12, 2009

My Mailbox Runneth Over!

I am happy to report that mom is doing a bit better. She is now in the rehab unit of the hospital and could possibly come home in one to three weeks. Her appetite is not back yet, but her will to come home is. Thank you again for all the good wishes and positive thoughts that were sent our way. They all are very much appreciated.

I have some lovely projects to show you that arrived while I was away from blogland. First I won a giveaway that Amy had on her blog awhile ago. The first one is a cross stitch button roll that Amy stitched. She did a beautiful job of stitching and matching the fabrics on the inside . It is a pattern by Stacy Nash. The name of the pattern is Peacock Button Roll. I heart it!! Amy also sent along a pattern. I would like to make this pattern up as a Christmas gift soooo... I am not going to post a picture of it now. Thank you again Amy for picking my name in your draw and for the Christmas gift idea. I heart it!!

Next is some of the best chocolate I have had. This little goodie was from Martina in Italy. She sent not one, not two but three chocolate bars. I did share!!! There was one each of milk, dark and white chocolate. Delish!!! She must know that I love chocolate.

Martina also made the little notion bag below. I heart it too!! Thank you so much Martina.

Last but not least this beautiful stitchery, floss and pincushion arrived from Lilly. I also won a giveaway on Lilly's blog. This stitchery is so pretty. I would have had a hard time letting it go. Lilly included several skeins of floss and a beautiful hexagon pincushion made by her. She also included some extra fabric to use if I wanted to make a hanger for the stitchery. Thank you for being so thoughtful Lilly.

Here is a closer look at the pincushion. There are hexagons all over blogs lately. I want to try making some. Love them. Look at the covered button that she made. I have not seen this before. It must be a little tricky with such a small button. Click on the picture to enlarge. I hope you can see how she did it. Love that idea.

Thank you so much ladies for all the goodies. My apologies again for taking so long to post them. Stitchers and quilters are the best. I will be back soon.